About Me

 G C Paw Babies
Came Alive because of the love I have for all animals Fur Babies being number #1.
knowing everyone has to work to survive , I wanted to do something I would love while providing for my family,

Fur Babies has always been close to my heart and I always wanted a Yorkie this was one of my lifetime dream puppy's ,
My husband bought me one at the age of 50 for my Anniversary. that's when the brainstorm hit me , I could take care of my family while doing what I love and that was loving, hugging and sharing my heart with these beautiful kids that come through my life and praying that I could just share with them a little of the love and devotion they give to us all ,
they do not discriminate or judge you for any reason they'll love you unconditionally no matter what.

 Our Goal 
Knowing every Fur Baby/ kid that passes through our home that we've had the honor to know touch and share our hearts with will get everything he/she deserves , A PROMISE TO BE LOVED FOREVER AND NEVER ABANDON
We want to Pass love and dreams through my Beautiful Kids, so I have to breed with my Heart , and promise to make sure every puppy that leaves our home is going to a loving caring home that loves fur babies like human kids ,
Knowing every puppie that we have the honor of finding a home for is safe happy healthy and LOVED in the homes their placed in.

 How To Purchase One Of Our Fur  Babies 
You have to promise to accept our baby as a family member and promise to love them with everything in you Just like you would a human child, or family member because that's what they'll be YOUR FAMILY!

Yorkshire Terriers , Chihuahua, Chorkies, Pit Bulls, American Bullies